The Gate is Open

Additional Points of Contemplation, Discussion, and Application

  1. Broken people are all around me. They are usually seeking something else other than Jesus. Could the reason I don’t recognize them is that I am seeking something else, too?
    • How might I begin to recognize them and begin making room for them in my life?
  2. Jesus never asks me to give something I do not have, but he never asks me to give less than I have either. Luke 9:23
    • What do I believe or want that keeps me from fully following Jesus?
    • Do I treat others the way I want Jesus to treat me?
  3. After his ascension, Jesus continues his work and ministry through the Holy Spirit, working through his disciples. If Jesus is working in you, he will be working through you!
    • How is Jesus continuing his work of making disciples in relational communities through me?
  4. There is power in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    • Do I attempt to use the name and power of Jesus to get what I desire?
    • How might I use the Name and Power of Jesus to do what he desires?
    • Can I trust the Holy Spirit to show me where Jesus is working?
  5. Jesus is the only Gate. All other gates leave you wrecked and wasted.
    • How have I tried to find fulfillment and satisfaction and purpose in things other than Jesus? John 14:6
    • What is an idol?
  6. What Satan tells me I need is not what I need.
    • What lie of Satan have I believed about what I need?
    • What truth of Jesus deals with that lie?
  7. Healed people praise Jesus for their healing.
    • Have I lost my joy?
    • Do I care more about how people do things than I do who they are done for and who is doing them?
    • Why don’t I worship or love God with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind?
    • Why can’t I lighten up and enjoy what Jesus is doing rather than critiquing it?
  8. People are amazed when they see someone transformed.
    • How do I respond when I see Christ-followers who are on fire for Jesus?
    • What is Jesus doing in my life now, that would bring amazement to others, and glory to Jesus?
  9. Jesus is not in the building; he is in his people.
    • Do I really believe that Jesus’ plan is to change lives, reach others, continue his mission, and expand his kingdom is through me?
    • What does that mean for my life?
  10. People do not need things from Jesus; they need Jesus. When you get Jesus, you get his family.
    • Do I seek more of Jesus in and through me, or do I other interests?
    • Why?
    • Do I value the Family of Christ above my self and my interests?


What is the Holy Spirit showing me right now?

What am I going to about it?

Who am I going to share it with this week?

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